Are You Planning to Get an Admission in Tulane University?

For many of you, it is a dream to be in the Tulane university, as it is located in such a city which is known for its history, incredible food, art and culture.

The gorgeous campus of Tulane university is located in the uptown neighborhood of New Orleans which is near Audobon Park, that is surrounded by giant oak trees as well as many historic buildings.

In addition to all above, Tulane has a big name as prestigious research university having robust academics. There are few noteworthy alumni from this university who are US congress members, Pulitzer prize winners, Emmy Award winners and Costa Rica’s President.

Let us therefore discuss in this writeup about how to get into Tulane university where acceptance rate of admission is merely 26%.

Quick review about applying for Tulane

One can apply for Tulane, by using common application as well as through online. If you are interested for early decision, then try to submit your application with necessary enclosure by 1st November. Deadline is however by 15th November.

For regular decision application, the due date is 26th January and the decision about admission will be known by 1st April.

Following enclosures will be needed along with your application:

  • Your online application or common application
  • Your transcript of High school
  • Your report of secondary school which should include your GPA, your rank in the class and recommendation from the counselor
  • Your SAT/ACT scores
  • Question for optional essay

Those students who are interested in Visual and performing arts subjects can either submit their portfolio or audition.

Those who are citizens of the country other than USA must submit their financial certificates along with their application.

How difficult will it be to get admission?

Tulane university is one of the very prominent and well-respected universities of the USA and therefore obviously there will be lots of competition to get into it.

As per the data of 2017 only 8,126 applicants were successful in getting selected out of 32,006 applicants. Thus, the acceptance rate was just 26% only and therefore the applicants have to be top performers for getting admission to this university.

Following are few important data about the last admission to this university.

  • Average GPA needed for admission was 3.51
  • Average ACT score needed was 30
  • Average SAT score needed was 1410

Besides above, the admission committee also considers students who are very passionate about their chosen subjects. Therefore, applicants must convey their unique strengths and talents to get considered.

How to increase your chance?

Besides having necessary score and past performance, following are few things that can also help you to increase your chances of getting admission to Tulane university.

1.By writing an optional statement

If you can write some statement that reflects that you are suitable for getting admission to Tulane university then it can help you.

2.By showing your passion

You can show your passion in following manner:

  • By attending various college fairs
  • By meeting with admission representatives
  • By emailing questions to admissions counselor
  • By scheduling campus tours.

3.Stating about your day job experience

Tulane university is interested in candidates who have previous job experience.

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