Brown University – How To Create Solid Admission Application? How Is Its GPA and Other Requirements Considered?

Brown University has been offering student’s high-quality undergraduate experience, so is a preferred choice. Just like other top-notch colleges, BU’s educational programs are great and its dedication can be paired to academic excellence and creative arts. The college has an innovative open curriculum that enables students to tailor their learning process.

BU’s acceptance rate 

Obviously, getting admission at Browns can be challenging because the process is selective. It ranks amongst the 20 most selective universities in the US. To the latest data available, BU’s acceptance rate is an average of 8.3%. It means one out of ten applicants gets accepted as an undergraduate. The acceptance rates change over time. If you are determined to pursue your graduation at Browns a few years later, the acceptance rate along with other requirements may have changed.

To get admission first submit a solid application because more than 32,000 applications are received every year for less than 1700 spots. It is necessary to reveal your academic excellence, creativity, and drive that prove you to be a good choice for on the campus and even outside. Brown University GPA and requirements for your consideration as of now are given below.

  • SAT/Act scores
  • Common application
  • High school transcripts with class rank, grades, and GPA
  • Brown Supplement essays
  • Guidance counselor recommendation
  • Grades from social study or humanities class
  • Two recommendations from the professors teaching major academic subjects
  • In-person or video interview
  • $75 for the application fee

The minimum GPA scores are not listed on the Website of Brown University because they don’t desire to publish explicit cutoffs, which can limit many valuable applicants from applying. Some applicants can be a little less in their GPA but excel in other organizational activities.

To get an idea of the competition here is a recent year available data. 50% of incoming 1st-year students got SAT scores 690-790 in Math’s and 680-780 in reading. So, academics matter! Just because BU is not clear about their GPA needs doesn’t mean you must not make an effort. Besides high test scores, there are many other activities to be included to make your application very convincing.

How to create a solid admission application?                                                                               

Basic qualities BU seeks include academic strength, strong recommendations, and extracurricular involvement. Brown University specifically prizes the following in an application.

Perfect essay 

Show creativity and strong writing skills on an interesting topic, have it proofread and consider their feedback seriously.

Reveal how you explored different extracurricular activities 

At Browns applicants with diverse extracurricular activities are appreciated.

Highlight your artistic and creative sides 

Brown is popular for its unusual, artsy character. It is due to BU’s close bonding with RISD, a top art school. Reveal your artistic accomplishment and commitment to performing and visual arts in any manner either in classroom, personal or extracurricular level.

Prove you are capable to do things outside-the-box

There are a few course needs or open curriculum, where the students are allowed to create their personal educational plan. The student must employ this freedom cleverly. BU appreciates applicants, who prove through their past extracurricular and academic experiences that they are capable to do things outside-the-box.

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