Tips to Get Admission in the University of Southern California

The USC which is University of Southern California, is one of the highly ranked private universities that is located in Los Angeles. Every year, it draws a number of qualified applicants.

In case, you want to apply for admission in this university, you have to know your chances of successfully getting admission.

In this short article, we shall try to provide you few tips so that you know how to get into USC without much struggle.

  • Get a higher GPA

In order to get admission to USC, the applicant will need very strong GPAs. As per the data available for the year 2018, the average unweighted GPA of high school level was 3.79 out of 4.00.

In subsequent years, the competition is going to be much tougher, therefore you must aim for GPA of almost 3.85 and above. Even if you get “B” grade in any one subject, you will not suffer much.

Try to figure out which subjects are pulling you down and get extra support for those subjects.

  • Have any rigorous and challenging course

There is another smart way to impress the admission authorities of the university by choosing stronger and challenging subjects to increase your course load. An ideal applicant may prefer to take fair amount of IB classes or AP honors.

If you pursue most rigorous programs available in English, science, mathematics, social studies or foreign language and take proper attention to prepare for the exam then it can help in your favor.

Best thing will be to choose challenging classes which focus on the subject where you are already very strong and also have interest to study. For example, for student of science must prefer to take AP Physics or AP Biology.

  • Earn stronger SAT/ACT scores

Most applicants for SAT have minimum 1400 score, or nationally 94th percentile. For ACT, most applicants get minimum score 31, or nationally 95th percentile.

In other words, you have to score among the top 5 to 6% of the test takers to be on 25th percentile score for USC.

  • Write excellent essays

Besides above, you will also have to write 2 shot essays which is part of writing supplement for USC. The essay must be minimum of 250 words, which is typical essay for college admission.

You must choose those subjects for the essay which is most appealing to you so that you can write on them very easily and also very effectively.

In first essay, you may narrate certain incident and give your honest opinion so that it indicates that you can face certain challenging situation.

The second essay should be based on subject something out of your major subject and you must give your reason why are you got interested to this.

  • Create an impressive portfolio

You need to ensure that your portfolio should follow all the instructions, and must be 100% original. This should reflect totally an emblem of your own creativity, your abilities and goals.

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