Education Facilities – Important Advantages of Using Landscape Design

Landscape meets the two important roles in the life of education and children. In the present day’s society, both these elements are diminishing. Let us look at the advantages of landscape design in academic institutions.


With the growing technology, children are avoiding engaging in outdoor games. They are more involved in playing games on screens, iPods, iPad, games consoles, and PCs. It is harming the development of children. Children aren’t developing and practicing critical social skills like negotiation.

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Their outdoor development is getting compromised. Children are losing the chance to play in nature. They are spending more than thirty hours every week at school.

Limiting playgrounds is impacting motor skills in children, and also depriving them of outdoor sports. People are realizing the importance of landscapes as the advantages of play are getting understood:

  • Benefits for obesity, and physical health
  • Children learn life and social skills via play
  • Quality play includes the entire development of a child that includes the fine motor, gross motor, emotion, senses, personal growth, interaction with the society and intellect.


In extension to the above problem, lack of landscapes is making children suffer from ‘nature deficit syndrome’. Due to urbanization, there is seen a loss of green environments and natural surroundings. The allure of technology is posing problems related to reduced access to the natural world.

Traditional schoolyards are not beneficial. They are made with steel, and asphalt playground structures. While both external and internal inside the classroom lives are becoming supervised, and structured, it provides less time for exploration of nature.

Our surrounding environment impacts mental, as well as physical health. When children do not spend time in nature, their mental and physical development is adversely affected.

What is the Conclusion of the Study on “Nature Exposure and Child Development?”

  • Children who play in natural surroundings are seen to have better cognitive development than the ones who do not
  • Primary school children who are exposed to nature-based learning and education programs exhibit improved concentration, creative solutions of problems, cognitive ability, and effective communication with peers.
  • Exposure to nature develops connection and affection in a child for nature
  • Natural playgrounds provide academic benefits as outdoor play instills a feeling of wonder that motivates him for life-long learning.

Trends for schools to integrate into their policies

  • Kitchen garden schools are geared towards creating schemes to an innovative, and dynamic model
  • Introduction of natural components in school grounds such as woodlands, wetlands, etc.
  • Wireless technology along with portable devices helps in freeing up wide places for learning.


Exposure to nature and outdoor play is important for the sound development of the physical, and mental abilities of a child. Depending on your needs, outdoor learning, or nature-based learning, these are several major elements to consider when designing a landscape.

Hiring a competent and experienced landscape designer will provide better exposure to nature to children.

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