How Does Bitcoin Mining Prove To Be A Profitable Investment Option

Bitcoin is used as a worldwide currency. It offers a valuable and thrilling opportunity to explore a completely new asset class. In 2017, Bitcoin has shown a drastic increase in its value. Its value rose from $300 per coin to around $20,000. Bitcoin is easy to buy and sell on popular exchanges in the world.

Let’s understand in detail how Bitcoin makes a profitable investment.

Mining Profitability

Mining cryptocurrency is one of the ways to make a profit from your Bitcoin investment. All you need is to solve complicated math puzzles online. If you solve it successfully, you are rewarded with either a fraction of Bitcoin or one Bitcoin.

At the starting period of the introduction of this scheme, bitcoin miners successfully earned coins quite fast. It only requires your computing power and analytical skills. If you had both these qualities in you, you could make more money in less time. Investors can even become a part of a bitcoin mining pool to increase their profits.

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Cloud Mining

Another popular way to make a profit with Bitcoin is to adopt Cloud mining. This method requires buying time on other’s rigs. Companies that provide this service charge you on the basis of hash rate, or your processing power. Buying a higher hash rate will get you more than expected coins.

At the same time, you will need to invest more, and pay a little more monthly fee to buy high has rated. Cloud miners enable people to access Bitcoin at higher rates. Some companies also require you to sign up for a 1-year lock-in period.

The profit you make out of this strategy is dependent on what you mine. It can easily take several months to yield the desired profit. With cloud mining, you need not get anxious about the cost of power consumption and other direct costs that are linked to performing all the mining with your own rig.

Do these mining strategies make any sense?

After learning about the impressive rewards that you are likely to gain from these strategies, let us understand how profitable they actually are. Investment in this costly equipment and spending excess money around $3,000 in power bills just to mine a single bitcoin is fruitful if you have faith that the bitcoin price will increase beyond the range of $3,000 to $4,000.

Purchasing bitcoins with a belief that its value will rise in the coming years is dicey. The crypto currency market is new and young.

For every analyst who believes it has remarkable potential, there is another investment that feels that it is going to drop. Several reputable banks like JP Morgan views cryptocurrencies as unverified and can drop in value at any time.


Bitcoin and other types of crypto currencies are a high-reward, and high-risk investment with very little agreement about the financial roles they expect to play in the upcoming years.

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