How to Confirm That Your Water Supply Is Hard Water?

Quite often after you moved into a new house, you will find that the water tastes completely different as compared to what you were used to before. Many of you may also fall sick and find it difficult to wash your clothes.

Hard water can always cause various kinds of problems and you need to consider a hard water treatment system to have better quality of life.

Hard water contains several minerals, which are usually ions of calcium and magnesium, that will make soap very less effective and also can leave scale on the dishes and plumbing.

Number of test methods are available to check the hardness of water and in this write-up, we shall share one of the very simple methods used for testing the hardness of water.

  1. Choose one clear bottle

In order to roughly test hardness, you can select a clear bottle and it will take just few minutes. Choose a bottle which can hold minimum 12 ounce or 360 mL of water or little more.

  1. Fill this clear bottle with water

Take 12 ounces or 360 mL water from the tap water and then pour it into a container.

  1. Add liquid soap of 10 drops in the container

Certain soaps will react with hard water more than others, and hence this test may not always be too accurate. Many of the dishwashing detergents may not react enough with hard water.

  1. Shake the bottle well

Put a cap on this bottle and shake it vigorously for few seconds. Even if your container may not have any cap, you must stir the water vigorously until all the soap gets thoroughly mixed with water.

  1. Look for suds

Now open your bottle and try to look for any suds on the top of the container. If you find that there are lots of suds then the water is perhaps quite soft. In case, you notice only few bubbles, then move on into the next step.

  1. Gradually shake in little more soap

Now add little more soap (about 5 or 10 drops) and try to shake your bottle after each drop of soap you add. Number of drops that will need to make suds can give you an approximate idea about the water hardness

  • If 20 drops then slightly hard
  • If 30 drops then moderately hard
  • If 40 drops then hard
  • If more than 50 drops then very hard
  1. Look for the soap scum

If it is soft water then it will create foam on the top surface, but will leave the water clear. Various minerals present in your hard water will react with soap and create “soap scum.”

If the water is full of thick soap scum, then your water is certainly hard.

Decide about water softener

If your water is between “moderately hard” to “slightly hard” then it is not a big issue for your household.

However, if your water falls in the range between “hard” to “very hard” then you must consider suitable water softener system.

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