How the Cloud Revolutionized the Revolutionary Rapid Manufacturing Process

Rapid response manufacturing in California has revamped and revitalized the manufacturing industry, allowing for sustained growth for the first time in a long time. While the concept was revolutionary, it was enhanced by the inclusion of the cloud as a cooperative management tool. Here is how the cloud has made rapid manufacturing more responsive and effective.

Collaborative Design

Manufacutring design used to have to function in a point to point manner, meaning one individual reviewed a design and added to it and passed it onto the next individual in the approval process. The cloud made that linear approach obsolete. Now, multiple designers, account managers, production managers and the client could contribute to the design at once, but in an organized manner.

Controlled Authorizations

The thought of collaborative design, where anyone can alter a design at any point they desire is enough to give account and production managers heart palpitations. Access rights, however, take that potentially unwieldy process and put in controls. One manager can control who accesses a project, when and how much they can do, making the design process more organized and streamlined.

Better Production Management

The cloud also allows for seamless production management. Anyone with authorization can check up on a project and its status. If there are glitches in scheduling, supply, production flow or approvals, all of it can be worked out via the cloud, from any point with access capabilities.

Organized Storage

For repeat orders, production job paperwork used to be stored on a single server or PC. With the cloud, all associated files and paperwork can be stored online and accessed by anyone with the proper authorization. This makes repeat orders a seamless process. It also allows for much faster auditing and for repetitive orders, scheduling.

Better Scheduling

The schedules for rapid response manufacturing service in California used resemble freeway traffic in LA at rush hour. Multiple jobs required multiple entries that piled up until a production schedule was all but unreadable. Enhancements in project scheduling software cleaned that up and cloud storage ensures that every schedule is as up to date as often as it is updated.

This has allowed for both project-specific scheduling but also “umbrella scheduling, which has allowed production managers to get a better “bird’s eye” picture of their production process and where each job is in that process. In turn, that has created more efficient scheduling, production management and responses to customer requests, leading to happier customers, decreased redundancies and lower production costs.

In many ways, rapid response manufacturing in California has revolutionized manufacturing throughout the world. Cloud computing and production management have helped make that already revolutionary process even more effective.

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