Make Use of Non-Woven Bags to Market Your Brand Whilst Being Environmental-Conscious

Carry bags are paramount in our day-to-day lives. Be it to carry groceries, vegetables or clothes, carry bags are what we reach out for every single time. The ill-effects of plastic bags need no introduction. Every one of us are aware of how it’s been affecting out environment in addition to clogging drain and being non-renewable.

Going the eco-friendly way:

A better environment-friendly alternative is paper bags. However, there is a limit to the number of times they can be recycled. They are also made by cutting down trees which is bound to meddle with the air quality. Woven bags are recyclable but are labor intensive. Non woven bags strike the perfect balance between cost, environmental benefits and long-term usage.

What exactly are non-woven bags?

Made from non-woven polypropylene sheets, it appears and feels just like cloth but doesn’t have to be woven thus making it budget-friendly. The polypropylene fibers undergo thermal, chemical or mechanical operation. In spite of being light, they are strong and durable which makes it perfect for shopping and other home use. They are also comfortable to carry around.

Using non-woven bags as a marketing strategy:

Customizing it with your brand name makes it a marketing tool. Your customers are likely to use your bag often which in turn improves your brand awareness. If you are looking for custom bags at Fort Lauderdale at wholesale prices, visit the website of custom grocery bags. They are the popular choice for many businesses because of the price, quality and prompt delivery.

The texture and color of these bags last for years and your customers would be happy since you are giving them something functional. They won’t just toss it away. Every time they go grocery shopping, they’ll be carrying your branded bag around. Giving these custom non-woven bags to your customers is launching a fleet of brand ambassadors. The bag is a solid investment.

Benefits of non-woven bags for business owners using it for marketing purposes:

  • Easy to customize according to your business needs
  • Since they are light-weight and occupy less space, they reduce the resources wasted in shipping.
  • Competitive pricing

Benefits of non-woven bags for customers:

  • They are porous making it ideal for storing vegetables and fruits
  • They are of high quality and less prone to wear and tear than paper bags
  • Machine-washable and easy to clean since they are durable and porous
  • Designed for reuse
  • Foldable and packable

How are they recycled?

The remnants of disposed bags are run through a melting machine. Recyclers immerse polypropylene pellets into the melted liquid to eliminate the colors. After spreading the mixture on a heated flat surface, they compress it with large rollers to the preferred thickness and let it cool. This cuts down plastic wastage by 25% which is a great for the environment.

Non-woven bags come in handy in many situations and the best part is eco-friendliness. Business owners can turn to this powerful marketing tool to spread the word about their brand.

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