5 Career Ideas for Individuals With Vision Impairment

Disabilities aren’t obstacles in achieving one’s dreams. With services like the Ticket to Work Program, college applications and employment opportunities are more accessible to people with various medical conditions. Individuals with vision impairment, for instance, can pursue many excellent career choices. Here are 5 of them.


It’s an ideal career for those who want to positively impact the lives of students. Individuals who are passionate about learning will find this job rewarding. Since there are many teaching materials designed for educators with visual impairment, work will be easier for people with this condition. Plus, it’s a good source of income, with an average annual salary of $ 60K.

Customer Service Representative

For those who enjoy interacting with and assisting other people, working in the customer service industry will be fulfilling. They’ll often answer questions through the phone, so the difficulty in seeing won’t be a hindrance. Meanwhile, individuals who haven’t fully lost their vision can talk to clients via live online chat with the aid of large-text programs. With this job, employees usually earn around $35K per year.


Since a counselor assists people in processing their emotions and dealing with life challenges, it’s a suitable career for those who are emphatic. Individuals with vision disabilities are trained to be careful listeners. It’s a valuable skill for this job since they need to hear their clients’ sentiments and suggest healthy coping mechanisms. They have an average income of $35K to $55K per year, and they’ll make a difference by helping others overcome difficult experiences.

Speech-Language Pathologist

This involves aiding people with communication and swallowing disorders. Those who’ll choose this career will create treatment plans to help clients express themselves. Regardless of specialization, it’s fit for those who have an interest in the medical field and love social interactions. Plus, it’s a high-paying job, with an average annual salary of $75 K to $94 K.

Massage Therapist

A masseuse provides comfort by reducing clients’ muscle pain and improving their blood circulation. For individuals who want to be in a relaxing environment, this is an excellent career choice. Since it’s mostly reliant on the sense of touch, visual disabilities aren’t an obstacle in an applicant’s employment.  Therapists will also have the opportunity to work in exciting locations such as cruise chips and earn a yearly income of around $41 K.

Disabilities shouldn’t hinder anyone from achieving their passion. There are various services like the Ticket to Work Program that allow individuals with vision impairment to pursue their desired careers. Whether they want to be an educator or a counselor, they’ll have the opportunity to attain their chosen profession and have are warding job experience.

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