Tips for Keeping Your Service Dog Happy

Depending on your particular disability, your service dog may work very hard for you. However, they also enjoy the mental stimulation and frequent interactions they get to have with you. Physical stimulation is also very important to their health and happiness. They enjoy their jobs. They will provide their owners with unconditional love and you should love them the same in return. After the initial steps to take for service animal registry, here are some tips for keeping your service dog happy.

Mental, Emotional, and Physical Stimulation

Dogs love learning new things. Therefore, if you have a service dog, he already may get his fair share of mental stimulation, much more than just a pet dog would. Dogs have been bred to exude different areas of strengths. Some are stronger at smell, some have better hearing, some are more physically inclined, etc. Dogs are bred to excel at doing certain tasks such as hunting, gathering, guarding, herding, and more. They love to do work, get things done, and feel needed, useful, and appreciated. Your dog can get much mental and physical joy from participating in a game of fetch, guarding the yard, guarding the house, protecting farm animals, herding farm animals, participating in training sessions, and more.

Emotionally, service dogs just enjoy spending time with their owners. They love your attention and affection. They want to be there for you, and appreciate the love you show them in return. Generally, service dogs live very fulfilled lives, as the top things they need to be happy, are usually supplied to them daily.

Limiting Behavioral Problems

Behavioral problems can often occur with a dog who is bored. A dog whose needs are not being met in one of the key areas mentioned above, emotionally, physically, or mentally. When a dog is bored, they will seek out a means to entertain themselves. Where the problem arises, is that some of the things that the dog may find to entertain themselves, may be items belonging to the human that are not designed to be used a play thing. They may become happy or begin to tear up things in the home. Mental stimulation and physical activity are very important, in order to keep your dog on his best behavior.

Some higher energy dog breeds may display behavior problems more often. They may dig, chew things, or bark frequently, should they become physically inactive or lack mental stimulation. Having your dog as a service animal registry support dog or emotional support animal, greatly decreases the chances of this occurring, as every day your dog has a job to do. However, they can still exhibit behavior issues as well. It is just less likely when a dog is tired from a days work, or has had their needed dosage of physical and mental stimulation.

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