5 Design Ideas to Complement Modern White Kitchen Cabinets

Modern white kitchen cabinets can be a great choice for your kitchen. This style lends itself perfectly to a variety of colors, motifs, and aesthetics. Here are five examples of how you can design or remodel your kitchen around white cabinets.

Gray Everything

White and gray are a great combination for any kitchen. Both these colors are modern and very on-trend right now. White kitchen cabinets look even brighter when they are installed on top of gray floors, and alongside gray walls. When using the same color throughout the kitchen, add dimension by using texture. For example, consider a gray, wood-like vinyl for flooring or tile backsplash made with various shades of gray.

White and Bright

To go with a very modern look, consider an entirely white kitchen. White kitchen cabinets would only be the start of this kitchen. From there, add white tile or vinyl floors, white appliances, and white countertops. Add a pop of color to this room in your decorating. A bright shade of blue or green is perfect for curtains, countertop decor or area rugs.

Light, Dark and In Between

Perhaps you don’t love the idea of all gray or all white, but a combination of both colors to complement modern white kitchen cabinets. Take this idea to the next level by also adding in black. Use black to bring contrast to the space in bits and pieces. For example, choose black light fixtures, chairs or decorative objects. In a room of gray and white, the black can truly add another dimension.

Dark Wood

Modern cabinets don’t have to be paired with tile or vinyl. In fact, white cabinets can be the perfect choice to match dark wood floors. It doesn’t matter if your kitchen floors are real wood or vinyl, the end result can be the same. Crisp white cabinets play perfectly off of warm, inviting dark wood floors to create a unique space for everyone.

Shades of Blue

If you’re looking for a clean and crisp aesthetic, consider the modern cabinets with white floors and blue as an accent color. Use dark blue for the kitchen walls with a light blue backsplash. The key is to use a few shades of blue to help balance the white cabinets. There are so many ways to play around with this color combination that can result in an amazing look for your kitchen.

Choosing your cabinets first is a great way to design or remodel a kitchen. If you know you definitely want modern white kitchen cabinets, you can build an atmosphere from there. Consider one of these five options for a kitchen that displays your personality and welcomes guests for a wonderful experience.

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