Top Wedding Color Palettes With Blush

The lightest of pinks, blush is a beautiful hue that’s been ruling the wedding scene for a long time, and we bet its popularity is not dwindling anytime soon. With spring and summer on the way, brides everywhere are going to love blush more than ever. Blush creates an aura of romanticism and elegance around your wedding, and it blends well with many other colors, helping you create a wedding color palette that’s gorgeous. Blush bridesmaid dresses are among the top accessories that’ll help you put together this stunning color palette. Throw in beautiful flowers, elegant centerpieces, and accent with the right tableware to complete the blush color palette. Keep reading as we tell how to mix and match blush with other shades for magical wedding décor.

Blush and Mint Green

A beautiful amalgamation of two refreshing shades – blush and mint green, this color palette is perfect for spring and summer weddings. This color scheme makes your wedding décor look bright and cheerful, and looks great for a daytime wedding at an outdoor locale such as a beach or a garden. It’s also a great way to create a very trendy mix and match look for your bridal party. Dress in your bridesmaids in beautiful blush pink and mint green gowns. Round off their look with a bouquet of fresh flowers in pastels such as pink and white. Use mint or aqua drapery and use lots of mint green ribbons to give your wedding venue lots of pretty texture. This color scheme is perfect for a mouth-watering dessert station with decadent cupcakes, macaroons, and other confectionaries frosted in delicate hues of blush and mint green.

Blush and Gold

A classic color scheme that’s glamorous and romantic at the same time, blush and gold create a splendid design for your wedding. This is a great chance to give your bridal party a glam touch. Sequined bridesmaid dresses in blush will help tie in gold with the palette while transforming your bridesmaids to stunning divas. Accent guest table with metallic candle holders and a centerpiece filled with soft pink roses in a glittery gold vase. Your cake stand can have glittery notes around the edges with gold and blush ribbons adding to the pretty detailing. Intertwined table runners with blush fabric and glittery gold drapery will serve as striking highlights for this romantic color scheme.

Blush is a versatile color that adds style and elegance to your wedding décor. Blush bridesmaid dresses will help blend in this pretty hue into your wedding décor while giving your bridal party a dreamy look.

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