2 Types of Audio-Visual Systems Used for Business

Audiovisual systems, or simply AV systems, are electronic media equipment that can displayor project visuals and produce sounds. They’retypically used for presentations, or for grabbingthe crowd’s attention.

Today, AV systems are becoming more and more common in business environments. Aside from annual company events, you can see this equipment adopted into everyday settings, from shop floors to boardrooms.

In fact, some pieces are designed to meet a specific need. To give you an idea, here are the most common types used in businesses.

Communication Systems

AV systems have radically improved how businesses interact with each other. With the rising popularity of work-from-home setups and outsourcing, traditional on-site meetings are getting less and less favorable.

But, thanks to the internet and equipment that allows screen communication, people who work remotely can communicate with each other like they’re gathered in a single room. This is true whether you’re a c-suite manager informing your client about your company’s performance, or an employee receiving instructions from your team leader. These communication AV systems include:

Meeting Room AV: This is a projector or monitor setup inside a meeting room thatis designed for online video-calls. A mic and speaker are usually included, so the team can communicate better with the person at the other end.

 Video Conference: This is similar to the meeting room AV, but instead of a room with a single screen, each seat has its own individual communication equipment installed. This makes video conference AV an excellent platform for face-to-face conversations.

Presentation Systems

This is what AV systems are made for: presenting pure audio and visual content. But, those created for business-use are designed to solve a problem or meet a need companies have. Here are some of the most common examples:

Public Speaking: When there’s a seminar or awarding ceremony, this set of equipment shines. It has huge LED monitors that can be connected to a laptop, allowing for slide presentations and company videos to be displayed. Itsmain purpose, however, is to allow the host to reach everyone in the auditorium using a microphone and speaker set.

Lights and Staging: This equipment isthe platform for AV content. It complements the ones used for public speaking, like a spotlight for the host or guest, or the raised floor that the other AV systemsareset up on.

Retail: This is AV equipment used for marketing. It’s a sales tool to showcase products, push promotions, and floor merchandising to boost sales. Retail AV can also improve the environment of a shop. For example, speakers and lighting cancreate an appealing atmosphere for the customers.

Communication and presentation are the two main types of AV equipment used in the business landscape. If you’re interested in getting an audio visual system Houston TX, talk with yourlocal distributor to learn more.

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