Make Your Kid’s First Day of Schooling a Memorable Experience by Choosing the Right Nursery

One of the most memorable experiences for any parent is their child’s first day at school. This phase begins when your kid begins nursery or preschool. So, as a parent, you need to be extremely careful about what type of school you choose for your kid.

Not Gathering Sufficient Information

Many of us do not pay much attention to choosing nurseries or preschool since our focus is more on the final school in which they will be enrolled. Nursery and preschool also play an important role here as it shapes your kid and develops their overall skills.

A common mistake that most of us make is not gathering enough information about the preschool that we wish to enroll our kids. You think that it is just a nursery, so why break your head thinking so much about it. If you look around, you might find that there are many nurseries or preschools just in and around your neighborhood.

If you live in Tennessee, then you might come across a lot of Tennessee child care centers that are well-reputed such as TQEE located in Suite 670, Memphis. TN. This childcare offers high-quality childcare that focuses on improving the learning and development skills of the kids.

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They even ensure that you are fully engaged and aware of the development of your kid through parent-teacher and child interactions.

If you plan on putting your child in a nearby nursery, ensure that you enquire about the programs and activities that they have. Ask for references and ensure to call up the parents and enquire about the school. You do not want your kid to go to a school that does not take proper care of your kids.

The budget also proves to be a crucial factor when it comes to enrolling kids in preschools. Low budget preschools might not be able to give you good quality services, whereas if you modify your budget, you might be able to get your kid enrolled into a good preschool. This again depends on your current financial situation. Finance should not hinder your kid’s future growth.

Verifying the Information at Hand

Your job is not over after you have verified the information gathered from references or online resources. You need to personally verify these. What holds good for one person might not be the case with you. Each child is different, so you cannot judge the preschool standards accordingly.

Some of the key points that you might want to keep in mind include:

  • Ensure that you visit the preschool premises to check the surroundings
  • Visit the dean or principal and ask questions regarding the services offered by them
  • Do not limit yourself to the education aspect of the school
  • Enquire about the additional activities that the school has to offer such as nap time, lunch break and playtime


The first day at preschool is going to be tough for your kid as this is the first time they might be away from the comfort of their homes and loved ones. You need to mentally prepare your kid by telling about the good things about starting school so that they look forward to it.

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