What Is A Safer Drivers Course and How Does It Help Young Drivers?

Have you heard of this Safer Drivers Course? If you have been in the process of trying to get a driver’s licence in Australia then there are chances that you already know something about this.

 If you answered no for my question then, a Safer Drivers Course, as the name suggests, is designed for the learning drivers to know more about road safety and to make them more of a safe driver. It helps the learning drivers to be more of a safe solo driver after they get their provisional driver’s license.

This course helps them learn safe driving practices that teach the several important driving related skills like speed management and how to reduce risks etc. It teaches the learner who is new to driving how to anticipate hazards while driving and how to handle the same.

You can take up this course, book the slots for it and know more about this course from the article on the website of Australia’s leading driving school, the LTrent. They are master in teaching how to drive for those people looking for driving classes.

They help aspiring drivers to clear the driving test and get their driver’s license. You can read plenty of informative articles on driving, road safety, driving tests etc and also check for the available courses and book for your driving classes, all from their website.

How to book for your safer drivers’ course?

 The learning drivers are eligible to apply for this course. To apply for this course, you should have –

  • Applied and got your learner’s driving license
  • Your age should not be more than 25
  • From your 100 log book supervised driving hours, you should have completed at least 50 hours.
  • The above 50 completed log book supervised driving hours should include night driving hours too.

 Benefits of doing a safer driver’s course

 When learner drivers’ book for this course and successfully complete it, they get credited with 20 bonus hours. This will mean that they now need to do only 100 more hours of supervised driving to complete the total log book requirements of 120 hours.

Cost for taking up a safer driver’s course

This course cost you $140. The fees can be paid directly to the course provided and it needs not be paid to Roads and Maritime. For disadvantaged learners, this course is granted for free and they need not pay any fee.

This fee includes a 3-hour group discussion with other learner drivers like you and it is the module 1. You get to learn about and discuss safe driving practices and strategies with 10 to 12 learners like you.

The module 2 is a 2-hour learning session in a vehicle along with other learning drivers. There will be 2 learner drivers along with 1 trained driver.

So why wait? Book for your safe drivers’ course and become a better and a safe driver as well as earn the credits.

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