What Are The Highly Dangerous Street Drugs All Over The World

A drug has a significant impact on not just the person who consumes it, but also on the entire family. Consumption of drugs can destroy vital organs of your body. Most of the people fail to realize that drug abuse can lead to physical dependence that is followed by addiction. In this article, we will look at the most dangerous street drugs that are present in the world.

Purple Drank

This is an unusual drug that is a mixture of sweets, cold medicine, and soda water. It can cause respiratory problems and in acute cases, a heart failure too.

Couples rehab is an effective drug, and alcohol de-addiction center in San Diego, California.  The center is fully devoted to assisting drug addict couples to exercise self-control and learn the discipline to come out of the clutches of addiction. It makes use of behavioral therapy, inpatient treatment, detox, outpatient treatment, residential program, and aftercare routine to ensure the addict recovers fully and lead a happy life again. 


This drug is derived from the nightshade plant. It is consumed mostly in Colombia, Venezuela, and Ecuador. It has a high toxicity level that makes it a strong poison. It is used by criminals to get their victims out of self-control and rob their homes successfully. Its low dosage is capable of causing hallucinations, and short-term memory loss in a person.


It is one of the most ancient drugs that were founded in 1874. Originally used as a potent painkiller, the drug is capable of the treatment of physical trauma, and severe pain in the person.

Its consumption can lead to inflammation of the gums, sluggish immune system, cold sweats, weakness in muscles, damage in blood vessels, and sleep disturbances. Looking at its harmful effects, it was considered to be illegal in 1971.

Crack cocaine

The drug was made by using baking soda with other addictive. More than ten million people have been cocaine users in America alone. This highly risky drug can cause damages in the kidney, lung, and liver. It can cause blood vessels to damage permanently and that can lead to strokes, heart attacks, and ultimately the death of a person.


AH-7921 is a synthetically prepared opioid that is believed to cause gangrene, and respiratory arrest in people.

Couples therapy for addiction is an effective and safe treatment that is medically managed by expert doctors. The therapy offers a couple to heal together, gain sobriety for each other and treat drug/alcohol addiction successfully.


Flakka is another highly risky drug available in the market. It is a stimulant that when consumed elevates the heart rate of a person. Its consumption causes enhanced emotions and strong hallucinations too. The drug is seen to result in permanent level psychological damage and even heart failure too.


All these are highly dangerous drugs that when consumed can have life-threatening consequences. By learning about these drugs, and its side effects, one should prevent the consumption of these deadly drugs.

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