Steps to Ensure the Safety of Your Neighborhood before You Move

Before you move to a new place either with or without family, you must ensure whether that place is safe for you to live. Nowadays, it is very easy to check the crime data with the statistics available online. These statistics are taken from the records of the local police and data related to some locations may not be available online.

Online Apps Available

You can know about the Memphis crime rate with the help of the following apps, before you move to Memphis.

The National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW) which is maintained by the U.S department of justice and state, territorial and tribal governments gives you the details on sex offenders in the neighborhood.

Family Watchdog is the app which helps you by locating the address of the sex offenders. It also gives you notifications when the offenders move to other location.

CrimeReports is one app that shows you the statistics on local crime that is taken out from law enforcement agencies around the nation. These data are updated every hour. You can search for the crime rate by location that you want to move or by duration. You can also select some area of your choice and get notifications on crime rate on that area.

Spotcrime is another app where you can get crime rate comparison for months and you can easily know whether the crime rate is increasing or decreasing. You can search for crime rate for any particular zip code or address to know what the various crimes that are occurring in that particular place. You also get alerts and updates on crimes happening.

The Neighbors App is an added security by Company Ring that sells home security products. Through this app you get the real-time crime report that will be reported by the neighbors of that location or the police department. You can even post any suspicious activity to alert others in that neighborhood.

Though there are these many apps and website available to know the crime rate in one particular location, they may not be enough to get a clear idea about the location. You need to do more research by taking the following steps to ensure your safety.

Visiting the area in person gives you a clear idea on the safety of that place. You can look for people walking on the street, kids playing around and what are all the security systems there etc., you can ask the local people there about the safety of that area and about the community.

Ask whether there is a neighborhood watch program in that area, to protect the community. If there is not one, you can offer the idea of starting neighborhood watch program in your local.

You can also install alert systems to help reduce the number of residential break-ins. These alert systems give the alert to police departments when there is a crime incident.

Installing security cameras will discourage the burglars from stealing. Even if any crime occurs you have that video evidence.

The darker the neighborhoods more will be the crime rate. So, keep your neighborhood well-lit.

Having knowledge about the crime rate in your neighborhood helps you decide the safest place to move. To know more about the crime rates, visit

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