Top Colors For a Soothing Bedroom

Your bedroom is your private retreat that allows you to escape the hustle of daily life. Coming home to a relaxing bedroom is something we all look forward to. Creating a cozy and calm bedroom is easy with the right use of color. Wall paint colors help create the perfect canvas for you to add elegant accessories and stylish furniture that’ll complete the decor. Professional painters in Marietta provide home painting services that can transform your decor. Keep reading as we tell you the top colors for a tranquil bedroom.

Soft Green

Bring the beauty of the outdoors right into your bedroom by painting your walls in the softest tone of green. There are numerous shades of green to choose from, you must, however, go for the lightest hue to create a calm ambiance in your bedroom. Just a tint of muted green on the walls of a bedroom dotted with neutral bed linen and pastel accessories invokes feelings of contentment and serenity. If you love the outdoors, we recommend opting for a subtle green color for your bedroom walls.

Sage Grey

Grey is a trending color in the world of home interiors. Homeowners and interior designers love grey for the warmth and sophistication it brings to the room. Painting your bedroom walls grey that has a mild undertone of green in it creates a zen-like ambiance in your space. Sage grey is also a stylish color that blends well with a variety of decor schemes.

Light Mauve

Mauve is a blend of the lightest hues of pink and purple with undertones of grey in it. It’s a beautiful color that’s great for creating a luxurious bedroom with a glam flavor. Using mauve for a luxe bedroom doesn’t mean that you gave to compromise on the calm ambiance of your bedroom. Mauve in its lightest hue gives your bedroom a beautiful look while keeping things cool and serene.

Pale Blue

One of the most calming shades on earth, pale blue promotes soothing feelings and is even shown to lower the heart rate. Pale blue walls in the bedroom will give you the feeling of gazing at the stunning blue sky on a clear day. Avoid using pastel blue to prevent your bedroom from resembling a baby nursery.

A soothing bedroom brings down anxiety and stress, calming frayed nerves and fatigued bodies at the end of a long day. Get in touch with expert painters in Marietta to give your walls a fresh makeover.

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