5 Ways Hydrotherapy Can Improve Your Life

If you’re finding it increasingly difficult to take a bath on your own, you should consider installing a walk in tub. Walk in tubs make bathing easier, giving you greater independence and the ability to age in place. One of their most amazing benefits, however, is the presence of water and air jets for hydrotherapy. If you’ve thought about getting a walk in tub, but haven’t pulled the trigger, find out why you might find it hard to resist walk in tubs with jets.

1. Soothe Your Muscles

The kind of hydrotherapy you can get with a walk in tub is perfect for people experiencing aching muscles and joints. The heat and pulsating water increases blood flow, accelerating the healing process, while releasing endorphins, your body’s natural painkiller. While everyone can benefit from hydrotherapy’s healing effects, it’s particularly beneficial for those who suffer from arthritis.

2. Assist Your Immune System

As your blood flow increases, your body is better able to distribute lymph to your limbs. Lymph is a fluid that your immune system uses to flush toxins and impurities from your system, so as it moves more efficiently throughout your body, your entire immune system is strengthened, helping your body to better fight off colds and infections.

3. Improved Hygiene

If bathing is hard to do on your own, it’s only natural that you’ll be tempted to take fewer baths. When you have a walk in tub with hydrotherapy, however, you’ll be eager to take more baths. Because walk in tubs are so much easier and safer to use on your own, you can take as many baths as you like, leading to better personal hygiene.

4. De-Stress

Besides the physical aches and pains that come with everyday living, there’s stress you have to manage as well. Hydrotherapy feels great. It has the effect of thoroughly relaxing both mind and body, giving you a chance to focus on nothing but feeling better physically and mentally. Every time you get out of your walk in tub, you’ll feel both relaxed and invigorated.

5. It’s Like Your Own Getaway

Sometimes you feel like you just want to get away from it all, but you can’t go away for a long weekend every time you get the urge. A walk in tub with hydrotherapy is like your own mini-vacation that you can take whenever you want. Who needs a spa day, when you’ve got your own spa in your house?

When you take your first bath in your very own walk in tub with jets, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one.

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