How to Use Your Dry Herb Vaporizer in a Perfect Manner?

Many of you may be not too familiar with the application of vaporizers in a perfect manner and therefore we are writing this article to provide you a few useful tips so that you can make an effective use of your vaporizer to enjoy the dry herb.

With a little adjustment of your dry herb vaporizers, your experience can be 10 times better than usual vaping. Following are few tips for your benefit. Happy vaping! 

  • Use fresh and dry herb

By saying fresh we don’t mean fresh herb should be freshly harvested, but it must be well cured, bud of high quality and not too old, stale or dried out bud.

Remember, your first vaping experience of vaping will be as good or as bad as your herb that you are vaping.

  • Get the right grind 

After choosing your weed, get it properly grinded because by grinding the herb, its surface area will be increased and this allows heat from the vaporizer to penetrate better and produce nice, tasty and thick vapor.

  • Check your temperature

Most important point about of vaping is temperature and hence, it is vital that you get necessary temperature setting right for every session, irrespective of whether you are vaping concentrate or dry herb.

  • Pack sufficiently tight, but not very tight

Whether you want to smoke from your pipe or bong, the way you will pack the vape chamber will have a huge effect, as far as your overall experience is concerned.

  • Preheat the vape

Your vaporizer is also like an oven and it needs little time to obtain the temperature. It is almost like you will not like to stick roast chicken in any cold oven, similarly you should not stick your weed into vape that has not been given enough time for heat-up.

  • Turn-up the heat

Although this tip can be little subjective and will depend on preference of vapers. The higher you will set the temperature, closer will you come to smoke-like experience, and also stronger will be the effects of vapor.

  • Inhale lightly and slowly 

Whole vaping, always take gentle and short drags. Earlier people used to take big, deep and long drags from their mouthpiece which has following disadvantages:

  • Few of the weeds get sucked from chamber, through your mouthpiece, and finally into your mouth
  • It may affect quality of vapor
  • Avoid combustion

By combusting the weed, you end up breaking down within its chemical bonds and these compounds may combine together and create many new compounds, that can be highly toxic or carcinogenic.

  • Maintain the vape

In order to ensure great vaping experience, it is essential to maintain your vaporizer properly. Like any other machinery item, vaporizers too need proper maintenance in order to remain in best possible condition.

  • Let the vape sit for sometime

Another thing to do is to wait for 20 or 30 seconds before you start inhaling after vape has already reached the right temperature, which you have selected. During a session too, you may wait 10 to 30 seconds between the draws.

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