Illuminate Outdoors Effectively in An Affordable Way – Corn Lamps Are an Apt Choice

Exterior lighting is equally important as interior lighting. The right outdoor lighting creates a pleasant ambience apart from being functional. A lot of factors should be taken into consideration when choosing the fixture. The outdoor lighting fixture should provide ample illumination whilst being energy-efficient.

Corn lamps for outdoor lighting:

Corn lamps are an energy-efficient lighting solution packed with hundreds of LEDS. Lately many people are turning to this option for lighting their exteriors since it is found to be at least 75% efficient than incandescent bulb, high-pressure sodium and metal halide. If you are looking for high quality corn light installation, contact

San Diego residents find them to be the go-to place for all kinds of LED lights. They offer a wide range of lighting solutions at wholesale prices. Their customer service would be happy to help you with your queries. They are commonly used in places like hospital, garden, stadium, car parks and street lights where more illumination is required.

Introduction to corn lamps:

It gets its name from its appearance. Numerous yellow LEDs are assembled on a metal structure just like corns on a corn kernel to product high-output light.  It is cylindrical just like a corn kennel and popular for its cost-effective and energy-efficient properties. Corn lamps are mounted on a metal surface, which lets the heat to escape.

They are compatible with many screw-in sockets including E40, mogul (E39), E27 (Edison) and medium (E26). If you are unsure about your light fixture’s compatibility with corn lamps, contact the manufacture of corn lamps before your purchase and re-confirm the same. Installation is pretty easy and only involves screwing it into the fixture.

Choosing the best quality corn lamp:

After ensuring that you have a matching base for the lamp you are about to purchase, check the quality of the lamp based on the following factors:

  • Quality of LED lights used: If the lamp is made of low-quality LED lights, the Color Rendering Index (CRI) would be low. When you purchase from a reputable brand, you can find a light that suits the color and temperature you prefer be it cool white or warm yellow.
  • Effective cooling: Pay attention to the cooling part especially if you would be using the corn lamp in a high-temperature environment. The ones with cooling fan aren’t recommended though since they come with a range of other fan-related problems. Choose a lamp that works ideal for the temperature condition it will be placed in.
  • Presence of protective covering: Reputable manufacturers feature corn lamps with protective covering surrounding the LED. This covering keeps dust and insects away apart from retaining the light quality for years. Check if the manufacturer you choose offers protective covering for the LEDs.
  • Certifications: Look for corn lamps with the certifications Design Lights Consortium (DLC), Underwriter Laboratories (UL) and Light Facts. Only certified products are trust-worthy and last long.

Corn lamps are versatile and ideal for indoor and outdoor use. They last up to 50,000 hours and are an ideal eco-friendly lighting solution.

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