Bring Summer Fun Home

Every summer, it’s been the same routine. You pack the car with water toys, pack the kids, pack the snacks, and pack towels and dry clothes for your family before you drive to the community pool or health club. By the time you arrive, you’re exhausted, and disappointed when you see such a crowd in the pool that you can’t enjoy yourself. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could bypass all that and simply wander out into the backyard instead? Before the summer heat arrives in full force, you need to begin planning your backyard oasis and selecting the best pool builders in Atlanta.

Where Do You Begin?

The first order of business when deciding to add a pool to your yard is to hold a family meeting and talk about how you plan to use the pool. Playscapes for the kids, a peaceful retreat with built-in benches, a diving board, the ability to play water polo, features such as a waterfall or jacuzzi, lighting for nightly entertaining, a vanishing edge pool, or the use of natural elements, all need to be considered. The second consideration is the location of the pool. You want to select a spot that doesn’t have overhanging trees, but it should also be a place where you have shade at least part of the day. Once you’ve figured out those major concerns, you can determine what size of a pool you want and the shape. Also figure out how much you can afford to spend on this upgrade to your home. Only when you have the answers to these questions should you begin searching for a pool builder.

What Type of Pool Builder Do You Need?

You want to work with a custom pool builder who offers the finest craftsmanship while being honest and trusted. Look at the ratings from a professional organization such as Pool & Spa News (PSN), to find the top builders in your area. Make certain the builder can handle any type of pool from simple to complex, and who can build every type of pool from a vinyl liner to a concrete gunite pool. The company should be able to handle every facet of the installation process without having to sub-contract any of the work. They should also be well versed in maintenance as well as installation. These are a few considerations when selecting the best pool builders in Atlanta.

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