Give Your Kitchen a Fresh Modern Look

You don’t have to sit through too many home improvement shows before you realize white kitchen cabinets are a hot design element right now, and for good reason. Not only do they give any kitchen a modern flair, they create the illusion of space, and can make even the tiniest kitchen look bigger. If you have an eye toward resale when planning your renovation, white cabinets are a sure bet. They are timeless and versatile, complementing any home design. Since a renovated kitchen is a top request for both current homeowners and those looking to purchase, it makes good sense to spend your renovation dollars in a good kitchen design, starting with modern white kitchen cabinets.

How to Select Your Cabinets

Function is the most important element in the kitchen, so a good floor plan is a must. Keep the work triangle in mind when planning your space, connecting the stove, sink, and refrigerator. If your meals are prepared in tandem with another person, consider creating a separate prep space, If you can keep the plumbing in its current location, that will cut down on the cost of renovating, as well ordering your cabinets from a wholesale supplier. Since white cabinets can range in color from chalky white to an antique, aged looking white, with a finish that ranges from eggshell to frosty ivory, it’s best to order samples first. Work with an in-house designer who can help you plan your space to maximize its potential. The designer should be able to help create the floor plan and prepare an estimate of costs for you, at no charge. Look for cabinets that are made in the United States, come fully assembled, and that combine the best casework with glides and hinges to give you that custom look. European style frameless construction will translate into more storage space, so it is a design option that is worthy of consideration. Narrow your choice of color and finish, select your door style from either a slab or a shaker finish, add in any extras, like door and drawer pulls, and place your order.

What Else to Consider

You want to work with a company that offers free design services and will provide a free estimate. Read the testimonials on the company’s web site and spend some time looking at the pictures of their work. Make sure the cabinets are pre-assembled and ready to install. The company should offer a warranty for any damages that incur during shipment and should be willing to provide any missing parts. Read their warranty carefully before placing your order. Before you know it, you’ll have a new space with modern white kitchen cabinets.

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