Problems You May Face with Your Cameras and Few Solutions

Various types of inspection cameras are available that can be used as valuable tools. However, these cameras are regularly exposed to various harsh environment and there is always a likelihood of premature wearing out or breaking if not used properly.

You can prefer to have Wohler VIS 350 push camera supplied by USA Borescope, which is a well-known supplier of such cameras. Taking proper care of these cameras will protect your investment and also avoid hassles.

Following are few problems with such cameras:

  1. Installing at wrong location

If you install your camera in wrong location then you will be unable to get proper view of the problem area. You have to therefore take the camera to a proper location through cable and push hard to reach the right place.

  1. Wrong pipe used

In case, the diameter of pipe is too wide, then the rod may bend, and if pipe is too narrow, then your camera may not reach properly.

  1. Poor image

Often you may be able to find the problem however you are not too sure if the image that you see is really an upright or not, due to kinks and bends. In such case, you end up making more guess than you may like to.

  1. Camera damage

Camera damage can be very expensive problem. There can be substantial amount to be spent for repairing and you may lose your time and opportunity.

  1. Shorter life

Various bends, kinks, pushing and pulling, scratches and debris can add up too much friction, which leads to camera wearing out and need replacement.

Following are few ways to protect these cameras:

  1. Check the equipment

Before you start your work each day, first check for any damaged power cords, damaged switches, pulled-out strain relief and any missing ground prongs. Try to inspect your cable for any possible damage. Replace or repair as needed.

  1. While operating keep hands near drain opening

If your hands are quite near the opening, then you have far greater control over your feed and retrieval. If you do not have proper control, then the reel may kink up or it may move too quickly. This can also cause damage to your camera too.

  1. Avoid using camera as tool

It can always be tempting for any contractor to use their equipment for pushing the obstruction from the way, but actually that is asking for more trouble. You must remember that your camera is only a diagnostic tool but not a hammer.

  1. Keep it clean

You must regularly clean the lens of your camera after each use. Regular cleaning of your camera will prevent grease, oil and grit build up, that may damage the camera.

Also, avoid using oil cleanser, because this may impair your camera lens. Prefer to use dry cloth and wipe gently the camera head.

  1. Go slow

While starting your project, move carefully and slowly as you try to put the pushrod inside the pipe. Moving too quickly with lots of force may bend the pushrod and it may kink.

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