Everything You Want To Know About Selling Music On Amazon

As a musician, you are always interested in selling your music to your fans and music lovers. Using Amazon music is the best way of serving your music to an environment trusted by consumers. It is a great platform for selling your music CDs out of your closets to your fan’s hands.

Selling music on Amazon is so easy where you simply have to join the Amazon advantage program for getting your music added to the extensive music catalog that Amazon offers.

Music Digi Features

Another method is by putting your music on Music Digi. It is a music streaming platform that works just how you want it to. It helps to sell music online and the music stays under your ownership. It helps in releasing unlimited music just for $39 per year.

Following are the benefits of using Music Digi:

  • Pitching of playlists – It helps in featuring the artist’s playlist on the various streaming platform. It helps you in reaching to many fans.


  • Getting royalty – When someone listens to your song, you get the royalty for that and the amount directly enters your account. You can earn 91% royalty from all pay-outs.


  • Distribution to major platforms

This platform helps in selling your music to so many platforms like Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music, etc. It operates to more than 150 streamlining platforms.


  • Sharing Facebook stories

Upload your songs and you can let people know of your next release by adding your songs to Facebook or other social media apps. This way you will be able to gather more fans.


Benefits of selling music on Amazon

Amazon helps in selling music to all the unsigned bands who are trying to sell their CDs. One benefit is global marketing giving users the complete display of track listings, cover art, display of inner note, and other important information of CDs.

It also offers immediate deliveries as it keeps a small inventory of artist’s CDs

By signing up for this program Amazon Advantage Program, you can automate the whole process of order fulfilment, restocking, sales and inventory tracking.

The best benefit of sell your music on amazon is that you will get paid every month for all the CDs you have sold.

Tips to promote music on Amazon

  • Sell one of your CDs on the amazon.com platform.
  • Search for an album or band having music similar to your CD. Go to their soundtrack, and scroll down to the area “Recommend an item”.
  • Grab ASIN of your Amazon CD and submit this ASIN under “recommend an item”.

This trick will help you to link your music CD to the artist which has similar music. Fans and audiences of that music might also like your music. They will visit your amazon page to buy your CD or search for your band page and become a new fan.


As a newbie artist, Amazon is a great platform to sell your music. You can also use the Music Digi platform to list your songs on many reputed music platforms without much hassle.

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