How to Know You’ve Found the Right Car Dealership in Baton Rouge

You need a new car. You don’t want just any car, of course- you need the right one. How do you go about finding this? By visiting the right car dealership! Only then can you drive away with confidence that you purchased the perfect vehicle for a price that is fair.


If this kind of confidence seems impossible, know that it is not. You simply need to make sure you’re only purchasing your new car, truck, or SUV at a car dealership in Baton Rouge that checks off all of these boxes:


#1 The sales staff listen to your wants and needs. Nearly all car dealerships are commission-based businesses, which means a bigger sale equals more money in their pockets. This can easily take the focus away from your needs. If a salesperson is consistently ignoring your requests, showing you cars out of your budget, or talking at you rather than to you, you’re not in the right place! You want sales staff who care about your opinions, show you the types of vehicles you want to see, and are understanding of your limits.


#2 There’s no bait and switch pricing gimmicks. A bait and switch tactic is one where they advertise one thing to customers just to get them in the door, only to provide different details once they show up. A trustworthy dealership will never have to lie, trick, or deceive customers to get them to visit. If you visit a dealership and find a different scenario than what you saw in their ad, it’s time to go elsewhere. Not all dealerships are like this, and you shouldn’t have to settle for one that is.


#3 You are able to find many positive reviews online. If someone had a bad experience buying a car, you can bet that they want to tell you all about it. This is why online reviews are a fantastic way to learn all about a dealership before you ever go there. Before choosing one to visit, take some time to read feedback from the local community, both negative and positive. It’s important to keep in mind that no business, even the best of the best, earns five stars from every customer every time. Most of their reviews should be good, though. If a dealership consistently treats people poorly or doesn’t manage their sales in a respectful manner, you will probably have the same type of experience. If people aren’t happy, the internet is the number one place they’ll express themselves!


It’s not so hard! Begin by researching some online reviews. When you find one that past customers have said is a good one, you can visit it in person. If you feel you’re being treated with respect and the prices are good, you can be confident that you are buying your next vehicle from a good dealership. You’ll soon have a car, truck, or SUV that you love and you’ll be thankful you took the time to get it from the right place.

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