Different Styles and Types of Handbags for your Wardrobe Collection

Handbags are an extension of our personality. Even with several handbags in your closet, you would still be tempted to buy a new one.  Handbags to a woman are very important, and we simply can’t leave the house without them. It is a very versatile accessory to pair with our everyday look and getting to know the various options available helps us buy the right bag for the right occasion.

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There are a variety of Handbag styles to look out for, and if your dream is to have the perfect handbag collection then continue reading to know more.

  • Tote Bag – A bag that has ample amount of space with one or no compartments, long thick parallel shoulder straps, and no fasteners – you have just come across a tote bag! It is a perfect bag to carry, if you have to many things to stuff in your bag, or for shopping or simply to work or college.
  • Satchel – A satchel is generally a big size bag, shaped like a briefcase, but not as hard, with a pair of straps. Satchel bags tend to also have a long strap that can be styled diagonally across your body if you choose to take it so.
  • Clutches – They are small flat handbags that have less space, no strap, and are supposed to be carried in hand or under the arm. Clutches are usually meant for classier occasions and come in a variety of silhouettes, textures, and embellishments.
  • Backpacks – These bags are carried on the back and have shoulder straps. They were commonly used as school bags or for going on hike, but nowadays they come in a variety of style and size with beautiful details and embellishments.
  • Bucket Bags – This bag is shaped like a bucket and becoming increasingly popular as of late. This bag has an adjustable strap that is used to fasten it close. Its various silhouettes ranging from a shoulder bag to a backpack make it a versatile accessory to have.
  • CrossBody – A crossbody bag has a long adjustable strap that is, as the name suggests, taken diagonally across your body. The bag is generally small in size with a fold-over flap and clasp to fasten it close.
  • Shoulder Bags – They are the most basic and general bag in a woman’s closet. It comes in a variety of sizes with gorgeous trims and embellishments. It has a variety of compartments for all your essentials, a zip fastener, and small thin straps to easily carry on the shoulder or carry in your hand.
  • Belt Bag – Also known as waist bags are one of the most recently trending styles of handbags. They are small in size and can be styled with skirts and pants.

There is an endless list of trendy bags to choose from for the next addition to your collection.

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